Havana, a customizable, anti-vandal and transportable kiosk

Customizable : In addition to choosing size, use, materials and colour (what already provides an infinite range of combinations), it can also be applied an exclusive graphic image, which may be required by the client or by our design department.

Anti-vandalism : All the design and constructive decisions have been taken paying attention to the anti-vandalism component of the set. The metallic structure and the HPL coverings, as well as the ironworks models and the chosen accessories, guarantee a great behavior against vandalism actions, attempts of breaking in and the risk to catch fire.

Transportable : The HABANA kiosk is built and finished completely in our factory, so it can be moved with no need of mounting or dismantling. It has some anchor points to be hanged by a lorry mounted crane, that moves it and places it in the suitable place. Only the corresponding connections must be done (they are prepared in the lower part of the kiosk).