Two PER6 HABANA pergola displaced sharing pillars


Pergolas for urban spaces.

Pergola built with a combination of steel and wood and a structure that divides visually the supports of the shelter surface, as it has its pillars displaced. These pillars are placed using the herringbone method (except for some case), what enables to have always two aerial corners.

It is a modular system formed from multiples of 2.5 m, to get the longitude, and 5 m wide in standard measures, but it can also be custom-made.

The expected sun/shade proportion is of 50%, being it adjustable under direct request.

The structure is calculated for a height of between 2.7 and 5 metres. For higher heights pillars must be modified.

It can be placed independently or associated to the HABANA kiosk, forming groups of facilities of any kind of services.