PERDAU pergola


Freestanding and adaptable pergola

Self-supporting metallic structure built from pipes and hot-galvanized profiles*, moved by elements and assembled in the work place, with no need of foundation.

Pinewood floorboards with autoclave treatment and high grids for shelter in autoclave pine strips. Different kinds of rails can be placed, as well as windbreaks or other accessories.

From these modules, big size areas can be configured by aligning modules in any direction. It can work associated or independent to a kiosk.

Materials :

1. pillars 90x90 hot galvanized*.
2. UPN 100 galvanized steel*, assembled with stainless steel screws to join all the elements.
3. 45x45 grid with pine strips with autoclave treatment.
4. Wood floorboard, mechanized and autoclave treated, 95x21 strips, assembled with stainless steel crews to join all the elements.