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Manufacturer of shelters

Team Tejbrant has a vast product range. The company is Sweden's largest supplier of weather shelters and one of Europes' greatest players in the Street Furniture market. Advertising Units, Bicycle Shelters, Trolley Garages and Entrance Canopies are other examples of products that are continuously entering new markets.

The strenght of the product range is based on a combination of great design and high quality. Very often the product development is a partnership between the company and the client.

From an economic perspective, our goal is to provide a long term solution which encompasses the whole cost from developmentand production to maintenance, rather than simply the cheapest price. Most companies consider Team Tejbrant to be the company that offers the best economic advantage.

Ream Tejbrant provides a base product line, which can be adapted with over 500 vatiations, customized to meet the needs and wishes of our costumers. The products are made of aluminium, are 100% recyclable and practically maintenance free.


From these profile systems we can offer a wide assortment of weather shelters and other street furniture such as, terminals. Bicycle shelters, canopies, trolley garages, smoking shelters, player booth's and information boards.