AJC bench


A special series of street furniture customizable to your taste

From an original design of bench created by Roldán + Berengué Arquitectos, a series of elements were developed to complement it with the aim of making a series. With the habitual vocation of Microarquitectura to be able to customize the elements in each project, in this case it is the selection of materials what enables us to define a metallic box in the shape of container that can be made of weathering steel, galvanized iron, stainless steel... and combine it with one of the sides (the seat in case of the benches and optionally a side for the liter bin) with another material like wood, HPL, natural stones, other materials, etc., which give it the wished character in each project.

Together with the bench and the liter bin, a street lamp is designed that can be combined with the same project and that respects these geometrical and angular shapes. In a second phase, the jardiniere, the pillars, the limit and the signing are also developed, which complete the series of elements.

Geometrical shapes and their cracks enable to play with volumes, lights ans shadows.