ADA shower with platform areas


ADA furniture for beaches

Series formed by shower, foot shower, fountain, liter bin, signing, bicycle rack and floorboards for beaches or outdoors.

Built with polished stainless steel structure AISI 316, which is closed with lateral covers of compact panel HPL of 10 mm thick (or another material according to order), what gives it a great anti-vandalism and long-lasting behavior.

Sides are customizable through bas-relief, where appropriate indications will be noted. With a great range of colours for panels, total customization is achieved.

It is about a design of pure forms, where a geometrical volume is only broken by the symmetry of the sprinkles in case of water elements. Maximum quality materials and the simplicity of its design make it a discrete and smart equipment.

The combination of the different components of the collection and their customization help to define the image of unification of the facilities.