Microarquitectura headquarters, Barcelona


Microarquitectura, manufacturer of urban equipment |Barcelona



Microarquitectura was founded in 1995, addressing its activity to design, construction and commercialization of urban furniture, especially kiosks and pergolas, always focussed to projects development.

We make normalized catalog proposals or special projects and customizations. We normally carry out singular projects of signing or sculpting to create urban furniture always as a project.

We pursue quality and design and this is proved in every of our actions, as well as in our active participation in prestigious associations like ADI FAD or the European project 'Design for all', where we are part as promoter of the Foundation.

We usually work with and for the Administration, with a strong concern for sustainability, design and quality. Our designs are largely and efficaciously proved.

Nowadays, Microarquitectura's products catalog includes three divisions: urban furniture, shelters and recreational areas, covering a large market segment that enables to offer the Administration and private clients customized solutions for each case.




Idea : We propose unique alternatives to our customers or work from their indications.

Design : We cooperate, coordinate and organize all the processes with multidisciplinary groups, with our designs or external designs.

Project : Our experience enables us to give appropriate answers to each situation, adapting our contrasted constructive system to the needs of the user, the existing regulations, urban environment and climatological conditions.

Manufacturing : We build our urban furniture pursuing perfection, improving day after day details and constructive techniques. Constructive experience gives us an efficient way of facing projects, open to new solutions.

Facilities : Our urban furniture products are sold on turn key basis: they are handed finished, installed and working.